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  1. The Antikythera mechanism was fabricated out of bronze sheet, and originally it would have been in a case about the size of a shoebox. The doors of the case and the faces of the mechanism are covered with Greek inscriptions, enough of which survive to indicate clearly much of the device’s astronomical, or calendrical, purpose.
  2. The Antikythera mechanism and the astrolabes are considered to be the first analogue calculators (courtesy of National Archaeological Museum, Athens/Costas Xenikakis). Figure 2. The front of the Antikythera Mechanism shows seven hands (sun, moon, five planets) and a double ring scale (outside: Egyptian calendar, inside: zodiac).
  3. Jun 10,  · The original Antikythera Mechanism was discovered in a shipwreck off the Greek island of Antikythera (hence its name) in ; and, dates from the 2nd or 3rd Century BC. The device is a celestial calendar. The big hand is the moon. It is adorned with a black and white marble.
  4. The Antikythera Mechanism was a marvelous ancient mechanism with more than 37 gears, 17 axis, and 8 pointers. It was considered to be the first mechanism with gears in human history.
  5. The Antikythera mechanism is one of the most mysterious objects in the history of civilisation. In , Hublot presented the «Antikythera SunMoon» watch, a unique edition of 20 pieces featuring a simplified and miniaturised version of the original mechanism, in honour of this masterpiece of result is a movement containing components and 7 complications.
  6. Nov 15,  · This week, word began to spread around some corners of the web that a new piece of the legendary ancient Greek computer known as the Antikythera Mechanism may have been found. But the claims, which.
  7. 27th July Hi folks, For those of you who have followed my foolhardy endeavour I have now finally finished building my Antikythera Mechanism Prototype. The machine works beautifully and I'm really pleased with the way it’s turned out. I'm now.
  8. Profoundly melodic and emotional, ‘Antikythera Mechanism’ adds a compelling chapter to the story of both label and artists. Fractal Architect & Dan Baber have created a masterpiece for lovers of the blissfully nostalgic. One can’t help but be uplifted by the melodic brilliance and subtle elegance of ‘Antikythera Mechanism’.
  9. The Antikythera mechanismhas been discoveredto be a mechanical computer of an accuracy thought impossiblein 80 BC, when the ship that carried it sank. Such sophisticated technologywas not thought to be developed by humanity for another 1, years.

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